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Sterling’s way of providing solutions to seemingly impossible problems were critical to the early completion of our project. He was also very positive throughout the process, clearly communicated all issues and was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
— Nicolas Celedon, Google
Sterling gets the job done. On time, within budget and always with the finest attention to details. He was able to create a beautiful focal-point piece for our space. I would highly recommend him and would definitely enjoy working with him again...and again...and again.
— Stacy Jed, Bluestem Brasserie


About Me

Sterling Tougas

I can remember building as far back as my memory serves. Growing up on the coastal regions of Hawaii, Rhode Island, North Carolina and Virginia, I have always been drawn to quality design and construction that is part of coastal living. I was able to develop my building skills into a profession through working in both boat building and timber frame home construction. College furthered my love for quality design and construction through the study of professional aeronautics. The combined influence of these areas can be seen through my work. The uncompromising quest for quality, the necessity for strength and durability, and the accumulation of clean flowing lines are a result of these qualities. My aim is to create pieces that draw the eyes to see, begs the hand to touch and inspires the mind to wonder.